I go to 1 networking event and don't make any progress with the more professional looking folks and just spend all of my time with people even weirder than I am

One of these days I'll start writing again

the answer to "who" is definitely a teenager

I can't get over this.

1) who would make a dramatization of The Wasteland

2) of course Thom was part of it

spoiler alert it's even more insane than it was 15 years ago

If you let your tongue sit gently against your lower front teeth it doesn't get in the way of the sound coming out of your throat

now that I sort of know how to sing the thing I see in this gif is how relaxed his tongue is, even though he's straining otherwise inver.tumblr.com/post/38463445

Lotus Flower seems to not have... I'm not sure what to call it. It has a melody, and a bass line, and the guitar part has a rhythm but no melodic pattern

My teacher: ok write a song in the key of C, that's easy
Me: ok cool I can do that
Me: ok I have a song
My teacher: cool, it sounds like it's in A minor
Me: hwat

like... I know Wordpress. I don't know this plugin and it doesn't tell me how to extend it, even though it purports I can

the worst part about wordpress is how many different random and poorly documented plugins people use

Flying back after taking the train down was more disorienting than I expected

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