but uh, their solutions were still extreme and entirely messed up so

they also murdered a prince and was like, you know what that was a mistake, so pretty much everything they did after that was to avoid violence

also amazing is that the ruling family felt so guilty about doing this guy dirty that they made him Prime Minister 20 years after he died in exile just to appease his ghost. Folks eventually wrote plays about him

I'm reading about the Heian court and this one womanizing dude had 23 children and his rivals were like, it's not possible to get rid of them all

I'm absolutely not going to write much Sylvain but I am glad he's alive because he is the one who thought Rufus was bad which coming from Sylvain is damning

one of them can be Sylvain because he got recruited so is still alive

well I haven't gotten to "hijinks" but I do have a premise, now I need some shitty lords to plug into it

i'm def ok for loving a character because he's just the bad parts of my life kind of rolled up into a anime bundle

Found some stuff about what happens to Felix if you recruit him into the other routes and it's brutal. He really goes down hill.

I was like, oh what if romantic?? but no, only sad. Only feeling like death is the only thing in your future, a recognizable sort of feeling

Whoops sad about Dimitri again because I got some new dialog

I'm terrified of Lorenz and Sylvain having support convos

I've completed my collection of upper class twits in FE

Me reading about Ukraine and Russia: time really is a flat circle

Trying out all sorts of weird ways of making images using native web stuff

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spooky campfire

a secret place