I'm very interested in big, stiff clothing, even though it would probably be not comfy to wear. And also, "outerwear" that's pullover style.

The model is 5'10" (!!) so I would look even more tiny than I already do in a GIANT HENLEY but by god I want a GIANT HENLEY

I'm going to do it, I'm going to return these neurons

why do rockets do something completely different than what they do in ruby

I can't translate ES6 into something that evaluates in ES5 I'm so confused

I woke up yesterday and was like STATE MACHINE and somehow the discussion of state machines in JS only just started a couple of years ago??

boy digging myself out of an if-clause hole is a fun time

I've been wearing the same wooly things and the same pants for days

I relate to slugcat because I am also a tiny soft animal with bad controls

I can't believe Peridot's Crystal Gem look is a Gurren Lagann reference, she even built a DRILL

trying to find a small general purpose computer:

Probably the ideal setup, which is already too much computer, is a little linux box for programming and an iPad for everything else.

yeesh it took me 45 minutes to fuss with something??

I've used vim once in the last year and I accidentally deleted the wrong line in a configuration file because I didn't remember a command correctly

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