alrighty got a track pad so I won't have to reach up my stack of books to scroll

When FF7R gets to the Northern Crater and Judgment Day starts playing I will probably cry like I did hearing the Zelda theme horse riding at night

FFXVI: welcome to mud hell!
Me: no thanks!!!

not that I can beat that heckin dragon anyway

having a separate slot for it in remake means I can't make like, dark attack with bahamut though which is too bad

I also recently learned why you can use elemental with summons, as it's the only way you can get (non-enemy skill) water or holy attacks

OH SHIT you CAN actually stack linked materia in remake. I thought because you can't stack elemental you couldn't stack anything but it does actually work

every once in a while I think about that friend of a friend who ended up with adrenal failure after living in New York

this dude IS kind of a basic bro but he doesn't talk during cutscenes and doesn't trust Cait Sith like I don't trust or like Cait Sith so he's ok

been watching FFX dude play FF7 and I fully skipped over the City of the Ancients video because I had full on dread thinking about it

oh damn there's a bunch of stuff about Ifalna I missed. I went into that house in Icicle but never poked around

I've now seen the end of FF7R like six times and I've concluded that Aerith keeps reminding herself throughout not to say anything to the others, though she and Red have some kind of understanding

I can't believe my misreading of "grungy" exists in ff7 albeit for a different reason other than seeing "grungy" as "gungy"

yeah that's right I'm going to turn on infinite limit breaks and do Tifa date%

WELL OK ff8 is definitely 70% of a game. It's really too bad, cause it does show an extraordinary level of imagination right up until disk 4, and then it just gives up and throws you into a dungeon with Adera puzzles after a very silly speech from Laguna

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spooky campfire

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