youtube stopped serving me NRA bullshit and has now decided I am a wine mom

My fic is halfway done and 17k words????

it's a lot easier than quitting ff7 before it happens

Tim Rogers said he couldn't recommend FF7R on the grounds of loving Aerith but I can. The best part is you can play an entire game where she's alive and ignore any further developments.

there's a very nice synagogue on Union but I guess that's too far away from downtown

holy shit, the synagogue sequence in The Last of Us Part 2 takes place in the old United First Methodist Church

so far it's nearly the longest, most pointless thing I've ever written

lol I was trying to sleep last night and I came up with 90% of the plot of my wandering fic I've been writing to no point or purpose

I know Halloween is not a thing this year but one year I would like to be a demon from Bosch's hell

alrighty got a track pad so I won't have to reach up my stack of books to scroll

When FF7R gets to the Northern Crater and Judgment Day starts playing I will probably cry like I did hearing the Zelda theme horse riding at night

FFXVI: welcome to mud hell!
Me: no thanks!!!

not that I can beat that heckin dragon anyway

having a separate slot for it in remake means I can't make like, dark attack with bahamut though which is too bad

I also recently learned why you can use elemental with summons, as it's the only way you can get (non-enemy skill) water or holy attacks

OH SHIT you CAN actually stack linked materia in remake. I thought because you can't stack elemental you couldn't stack anything but it does actually work

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spooky campfire

a secret place