The incredible badness of early TNG is SO LONG

Watching DS9 makes me miss the sometimes glacial pace of TV

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I gotta get BT pellets. I was going to get some for the bog but I also need them for fungus gnats 😑

I'm charging a battery in my window and it's miraculously sunny today

here I am contemplating the rain because I told myself I would do error handling today

I'm an A+ sys admin that's for sure, I just locked myself out of this VM because I never set a root password

A couple of people have been like, I wish these were real about the black leggings and I'm like, bih CLICK THE LINK

Me: am I really going to be able to play as Survivor in Rain World??
Also Me: I unironically love getting eaten by lizards

other good things: once he was like, I'm totally not going to freak out on this mission, and then proceeded to have a panic attack in space and he's from Seattle

I like Ash even though he doesn't need to be on the show because 1) he was the most emotionally intelligent character in S1 shockingly, and 2) he's very weepy for a Klingon

The worst part about going to Atulea is the folks who come in for 5 seconds to get a drink and take a photo for instagram

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spooky campfire

a secret place