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Control: go save (?) your brother
Death Stranding: go save your sister

I am 100% gonna make some stupid demo-esque 3D art for this playlist

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I need a ritual to go to sleep because I keep not being able to fall asleep before midnight, and it's not good for me.

I need to ride my bike more it makes me feel Good (tm) but also sleepy and I’m already the world’s sleepiest person

I f I don't sleep well to night what was ev en the point

TIRED but I want to make cranberry rolls

Paralogue where I go and straight up kill Bernadetta’s father

Aw yeah Hubert/Ferdinand paired ending and Edelgard/Bernadetta for some reason!!

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i love all the pokemon types. regular, spicy, wet, yellow, plant, cold, mockery of the human form, goop, dirt, bird, nightmare-eater, bug, dirt again, dead, things that have wings but don't fly for some reason, bastard, dirt a third time, and trans

still not sure this is a good idea but I have zero idea what is going to happen so I need to know

Also Ferdinand's and Hubert's A+ support is really one of the cutest supports in my whole house!!!

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do you like your jazz smoothed or unsmoothed?

Got to chapter 2 of Death Stranding, fucking weird

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this thread is solid gold, a marvel. it's a deep dive into self-professed idealism in world building as it clashes with the cultural baggage of the creators.

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