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Ah yes you know it’s Georgetown when I find something that’s open during the day and it’s going to close forever in 2 weeks

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Sees “Heidegger” in some text, starts scrolling faster in panic

I actually don't remember if I went to a con that ended up having a tuberculosis scare or a measles scare. Either way it was sucky.

WA state legislature is voting on banning personal exemption to MMR vaccine, THANK GOD. I still do not understand why people think vaccinations are so dangerous.

I’m rusty which makes it hard to start up again

God I haven’t done any new art in so long, I need to change that

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but I can always plant stuff in the traffic circle!

I am also going to throw some of it on the top of my wall.

I think I'm gonna get this PNW meadow mix and try sprinkling it around my building and see what grows. The only problem is that it's occasionally destroyed by gardeners so I have to watch out. Or ask my landlord :/

I just want to drink jasmine green tea with soy milk 100% of the time

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