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Hey it's the two tabletop games that I made, online

Grace: be a thirteen year old trying to make friends!

roguish: make dungeons and then send your adventurer into them!

OK bye!

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The two social classes are the papertoweliat and the chamoisie

state employee achievement unlocked: vendor emailed me offering a gift in exchange for some of my time, of sufficient cash value that it would be a crime for me to accept it

wfh advantage of the day: can begin cooking pot roast at 2pm, go back to work

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It really says something about humanity that we looked at printers (bad) and were like "hmm what if we invented a version of this that melts bits of plastic into itself, on purpose"

oops lol big anxiety because of a work situation

In retrospect it’s kind of wild that thousands of programmers dragged their feet about Python 3 when all they had to do was change “print foo” to “print(foo)”

sometimes in the course of ostensibly doing work I just get into a fugue of thinking about fonts

sneezing on dust or something, I'd like to lie down

tfw you are closer in age to your colleague's children than to your colleague

i'm mister manager (non-supervisory)

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26 Supreme Court justices is absolutely ridiculous. It should at least be an odd number like 27 to avoid ties.

I'd divide the 27 justices up into 3 sub courts of 9 justices that rule independently. In order to win a case, you then need to win at least 2 of 3 sub courts.

AWS could be spun off from Amazon in about a week and in a more normal equities market I imagine it would've been a long time ago but since Amazon retail and digital are probably no longer growth companies they need AWS around to drive the stock price to pay their engineers with.

sometimes I am like "wow I'm real good at my job, in fact I'm excellent at it, how did I manage that"

you ever log on to a meeting with 20 people in it

laura les is braver than the troops

them: you broke my shit and I can't do work now
me, twelve minutes later: I fixed it, I think, does it work?
them: 🦗

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