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The two social classes are the papertoweliat and the chamoisie

Finished Susan Orlean, THE LIBRARY BOOK, a warm blanket.

Started Rachel Kushner, THE FLAMETHROWERS, a knife trick.

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Started listening to last year’s Low album but it was too much to get through all at once

My life either will or will not change dramatically this year depending on if job and. Why. :psyduck:

mystifying problemos are mystifying

cool that I'm gonna Wait for a while now

this is just tired brain not asshole brain

today is not good for brain but that's ok

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The Pinkertons suing Rockstar is wild ‘cause you’d think their common hatred of organized labour would have brought them together

what is it with ppl using a photo of them with some or all of their partner's face as their official headshot, plz don't

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ambient curiosity over contextual artifacts - internal documents detailing procedural routines, arcane instruments of inscrutable but routine purposes, symbols which mean nothing to outsiders but which instantly signify a wealth of meaning to insiders

florp if you agree

Finally installed the mezuzah I got for my birthday last year

remember when john snow invented oral

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spooky campfire

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