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Hey it's the two tabletop games that I made, online

Grace: be a thirteen year old trying to make friends!

roguish: make dungeons and then send your adventurer into them!

OK bye!

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The two social classes are the papertoweliat and the chamoisie

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my name's ozymandias, I'm here to say
my great works will never decay

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My sleep and energy levels are all fucked up for some reason (it's because I ate dinner at fucking 9:30) so I'm uh. Writing emails to the OpenBSD mailing list at fucking midnight like some sort of cave troll

now I just need someone to like my miscellaneous style & grammar changes to INSTALL.arch and I'll really feel useful

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The Free Software Foundation is a fascist-aligned white supremacy hate group, and should be protested and abolished.

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nothing like extensively rewriting git history on a branch so that it looks nice

I ordered a fancy vacuum cleaner so I can throw my like $20 one from Target into the garbage or uh clean it and give it away

gonna leave the office at precisely 4pm

I think I had an EC2 instance for some amount of time, but possibly only a t1.micro, lol

I never used Digital Ocean because they didn't let me sign up with a debit card.

I don't even want to think about how many Ubuntu LTS installs I've allowed to get out of date.

anyway this whole time there's probably no good reason for not using

Oh I forgot about the inexplicable and somewhat fly-by-night 6sync, which I used for something for a while. Why? Who knows.

VPS providers I have known:
- Slicehost, acquired by and migrated to
- Rackspace
- Linode
- Vultr

*Finally* I am minus one VPS after just stacking them up for a while

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