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Hey it's the two tabletop games that I made, online

Grace: be a thirteen year old trying to make friends!

roguish: make dungeons and then send your adventurer into them!

OK bye!

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The two social classes are the papertoweliat and the chamoisie

Some poor sap wandered into misc@ again.

“Eventually all the software should be correctly written” —deraadt@

can I just say fuck the GPL as a license, as an ideology, and as a motherfucking crew

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They should hire Zack Snyder to make a 200 hour long cut of the Harry Potter movies.

==> Renamed Formulae
badtouch -> authoscope

for some reason it took me til just now to realize that I can use work library privileges to download IEEE 1003.1 (POSIX.1 specification) so I've done this.

is it good when your massive project is $20 million favorable to budget over 18 months because hiring people is impossible? asking for a university

my least spicy but somehow still uncommon take is that SRV records should be used more widely

I wish Sir Hat weren’t a sanctimonious boob, bc his websites are ok

Wonder if openbsd could be patched to specifically prevent cr*ptoc*in mining

Github is like "overwhelmed by notifications?" I wouldn't be if you didn't have this stupid feature

Despite not wanting to do stuff today I seem to have done a fairly reasonable number of things, plus I found out our job candidate accepted our offer so that's very exciting.

that this language has got along map reduce and filter functions for this long is outrageous to me

I thought I would never have much of an interest in Go but now I've noticed a cool set of terminal UI libraries that I want to try to use…maybe I can wait until generics finally get added now that they have a design for them…

me @ everyone: use ur brain!

me @ me: time to sleep

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