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Hey it's the two tabletop games that I made, online

Grace: be a thirteen year old trying to make friends!

roguish: make dungeons and then send your adventurer into them!

OK bye!

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The two social classes are the papertoweliat and the chamoisie

that this language has got along map reduce and filter functions for this long is outrageous to me

I thought I would never have much of an interest in Go but now I've noticed a cool set of terminal UI libraries that I want to try to use…maybe I can wait until generics finally get added now that they have a design for them…

me @ everyone: use ur brain!

me @ me: time to sleep

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Amazon Managed Blockchain needs a cooler name so you don't know what it is.

My team at UW Information Technology is hiring a full-stack developer. Presently remote due to covid; our return to campus should have substantial flexibility for hybrid and remote work. We build tools for managing UW's IT infrastructure!

Outlook told me somebody "liked" my email????

@iliana webmistress haha dot business is unreachable is your dns still cutting over

state employee achievement unlocked: vendor emailed me offering a gift in exchange for some of my time, of sufficient cash value that it would be a crime for me to accept it

wfh advantage of the day: can begin cooking pot roast at 2pm, go back to work

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It really says something about humanity that we looked at printers (bad) and were like "hmm what if we invented a version of this that melts bits of plastic into itself, on purpose"

oops lol big anxiety because of a work situation

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