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Hey it's the two tabletop games that I made, online

Grace: be a thirteen year old trying to make friends!

roguish: make dungeons and then send your adventurer into them!

OK bye!

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The two social classes are the papertoweliat and the chamoisie

wow how do you fix it when you delete your $SHELL

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No better example of scope creep than The Art of Computer Programming lol

Untitled Goose Game is coming out September 20th! Honk. @tedu

I keep hearing it's like badly designed or whatever and I'm sure it is but I can purposelessly route stuff into my house with it so that's great.

As a non-network engineer, "IPv6" to me is synonymous with "you don't need NAT anymore".

the ultimate prestige email domain would be

In general, there might be enough fonts.

@stsp I think `got log` in a got worktree with a path prefix should work like `got log path_prefix` works now and `got log inner/path` like `got log path_prefix/inner/path`. The existing UX feels odd to me. Curious if this is already a TODO or a WONTFIX.

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@GeoffWozniak I'd rather read documentation in a word document off a hard drive platter with an electron microscope than use GNU Info

I probably haven’t been reading misc@ long enough to pull this shit but like: is “I’m running out of hard drive space” really something misc@ needs to know about

Nationalize Epic

The EMR vendor not the game company

I currently have 18 loyalty punch or stamp cards in my wallet

finally got a account and I'm angling for some free karma by posting the Got homepage

observation: Makefiles other than the simplest ones obscure rather than illuminate the relationships between artifacts

I absolutely could've done what I'm doing now in a faster way but I'm 2/3 done and it's probably not worth it now

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