To be clear, this is real:

Samsung of Sweden made a hypnotherapy recording to make people forget their favorite TV shows so that they can rewatch them "fresh."

You shouldn't need to know my credentials to trust me when I say it's a bad idea for you to actually listen to a hypnosis recording created by an international corporation seeking to profit off of you and play with your memories.

I think the reason for the past couple years we've all just been shouting TWENTY EIGHTEEN PEOPLE is that the times we live in have traveled into this uncanny valley of unrealness. No sci-fi author would ever write something so cliche and absurd as the reality we live in. where headlines express "concern" about corporations outright no-shame offering to mind control you. Pleading that you don't willingly subject yourself to actual corporate mind control just to enjoy TV you already watched

@shel tbh I think it is a mistake to suggest that the present time is uniquely squalid; all of human history is rife with squalid behavior and absurd events


@shel broken down and impoverished but also through drift mucky, unkempt, craven, depraved

@silby I don't think the current time is uniquely awful but i think it's particularly absurd and scifi in the way that it's awful

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