To be clear, this is real:

Samsung of Sweden made a hypnotherapy recording to make people forget their favorite TV shows so that they can rewatch them "fresh."

You shouldn't need to know my credentials to trust me when I say it's a bad idea for you to actually listen to a hypnosis recording created by an international corporation seeking to profit off of you and play with your memories.

I think the reason for the past couple years we've all just been shouting TWENTY EIGHTEEN PEOPLE is that the times we live in have traveled into this uncanny valley of unrealness. No sci-fi author would ever write something so cliche and absurd as the reality we live in. where headlines express "concern" about corporations outright no-shame offering to mind control you. Pleading that you don't willingly subject yourself to actual corporate mind control just to enjoy TV you already watched

@shel tbh I think it is a mistake to suggest that the present time is uniquely squalid; all of human history is rife with squalid behavior and absurd events

@silby also i think what perhaps is different this time is that we grew up on SO MUCH media and fiction telling us what was and was not normal, possible, what would be realistic even in the far-flung future; and now we're going into that world and we compare reality TO fiction which has defined our world for us; and it highlights the absurdity

@shel ehhhh I take it as axiomatic that it is probably an error for one to suspect one is special, and by extension that one’s times are special.

The absurd confusion of fiction with reality has been a thing people have thought about since at least Don Quixote, and i have to assume much, much longer than that.

@silby wait really? I'd been kinda going off of the boudrillard simulacrum simulation theory that our media consumption shapes our reality vastly more than the past


@shel do you mean the present time is more shaped by media than past times were, or that the present time owes more to media consumption than it does to “the past”

@shel anyway Don Quixote (1605, it says here) is about a schlub who read so many books he decided he was a knight. Not long after, the Salem witch hunts happened in part because a community of people were exceptionally afraid of the devil.

@shel your conclusion about what to do with an absurd world is not necessarily wrong, I just am pretty sure it has been absurd from the get-go.

@silby Boudrillard's theory is that there is Reality and there is the representation of Reality

and that as our consumption of media has increased the representation of reality has replaced reality as our reference point for "real"/"normal." In the past a story gets compared to reality. Now, reality is compared to a story.

@silby so Don Quixote's story isn't quite the same thing.

@silby Boudrillard's theory would be if someone lived their life with no evidence of there being a devil and concluded something was wrong with their life rather than something was wrong with this whole devil thing.

@silby well you'll have to Interrogate Boudrillard. He has some good arguments for it

@silby @shel To take this a bit further, I would argue that reality has always been compared to stories because we cannot experience reality directly; we have only the experiences from our internalized universes from which to interpret the feedback of our senses and thoughts. However, in the past, group consensus about Frame Zero was an implicit cultural value of modern democracies. These days, that value is no longer shared by all groups equally.

@silby @shel I believe that life is fundamentally an absurd proposition, in the sense that there is no inherent meaning to Frame Zero and any attempt to impose meaning upon it is necessarily artificial. Living in good faith demands that we remain aware of the reality tunnels in which we place ourselves. Reality was never aligned with Neoliberalism the Egregore's reality tunnel, and as people have woken up to that understanding, those who remain within it are panicking.

@silby @shel The collapse of shared curation of Frame Zero has given rise to Liberalism the Egregore's victims attempting to create a new shared vision based on the promises of and nostalgia for the past which were never real but only perceived. Samsung's HypnoTV is just the manifestation of Space Ghost's purchase of a mind-erasing kit. We have all always been responsible for curating the narratives of our own lives. Now we have to do it without a shared external frame.

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