@iliana Totally Routine Apathy regardiNg Security

Oops not sleepy at all??? What’d I do

Hmm “serving god” is yet another strange Christian idea to me, god doesn’t need shit from you??

@masklayer wake me up / before you goo goo / don't leave me hanging on / like a poo poo

wait delete

I’m listening to American Football s/t (1999) because I love being a big sad dummy

might fuck around and start using small caps for emphasis in work documents

I have so many memos I want to write

@iliana “RTs are not endorsements” —SPDX’s lawyer, probably

Being bisexual and genderqueer is v gay it’s like you’re gay twice

@tedu that said Jeff B probably can pay for as much as he wants in AMZN instead of USD for the foreseeable.

@tedu as a naïf my usual heuristic is that comparing the balance sheets of entities that lack a sovereign currency to entities that have one is broadly meaningless.

@shel you get “passive income” for your team’s wins

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spooky campfire

a secret place